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Keeping Your Name and Face in Front of Potential Buyers and Sellers
with Realtor Postcards will Increase Your Listings and Sales.

"Within 30 Days of Mailing My First Real Estate Postcards, I Listed
and Sold a $1,003,137 Home and Your Cards did the Trick!"
--Lori - Indian Wells, CA

If you want to sell $65.3 million, or more, this year, like Kathy Irvine in St. Louis did, and earn a six-figure or SEVEN-FIGURE income.

Just Listed Postcards: Use these to boldly announce every house that you list.
Just Sold Postcards: Proudly show that your listing has turned into a sale.
Real Estate Farming Postcards: These cards are proven to keep you on the minds of prospective clients.

Keeping Your Name and Face in Front of Potential Buyers
and Sellers with Realtor Postcards will Increase Your
Listings and Sales.

Improve your real estate marketing using our
highly effective real estate marketing post cards.

Our designs are proven to generate more leads.

When you sell a house use our Sold Fast post cards. In addition, farm for potential clients with our Real Estate Farming Cards, Recent Sales Post cards, Holiday or Seasonal Postcards. Mailing these responsive cards will generate leads for you for future listings or clients.

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Put More Money in your pocket!
Sell more houses than any other Real Estate Postcards, which puts money in your pocket!

You can mail yourself, or you can also take advantage of our direct mail service, and we will mail them for you. Just upload your list and we do the rest!

Choose from All Types of Realtor Postcard Designs


Our complete realtor postcards marketing service puts money in your pocket!

Not only do we offer very effective real estate marketing cards, we also offer a powerful direct mail solution, allowing you to spend your time focusing on what is really important - SELLING HOUSES!


  • Announce new listings to your previous buyers
  • Announce Just Sold or Sold Fast listing to homeowners in a specific area
  • Publicize testimonials on a property you brokered
  • Announce new commercial leases
  • Promote your name
  • Keep your name in front of potential clients with Holiday or Seasonal cards
  • Send a personal note to a hot prospect with our personalized note card
Improve Your Real Estate Marketing using Direct Mail Postcards
with our Highly Effective Real Estate Postcards!

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